Dental Hygiene

Admission/Academic Requirements

Baltimore City Community College
School of Allied Health and Nursing
Nursing, Allied Health, and Health and Life Fitness Department

Pre- Dental Hygiene / Dental Hygiene
Admissions Criteria / Ranking System

Requirements for Admission to Pre-Dental Hygiene

Students must be admitted to the Pre-Dental Hygiene Curriculum prior to admission to the Dental Hygiene Curriculum.

1.Completed BCCC Application

2.High school diploma or equivalent and college transcripts on file

3.Completion of high school academic biology, algebra, chemistry and a second math with a minimum grade of "C" or better; BCCC equivalents of high school biology, chemistry, algebra and a second math can also be used to satisfy this requirement

4.College level math proficiency demonstrated through the BCCC College Placement Exam or college coursework

Dental Hygiene Admission: Minimum Requirements for Ranking

To be completed prior to the spring semester preceding fall Pre-Clinical admission. All qualified applicants must complete the Application Packet for the year to which they are applying. Please go to the Admission Forms page for the Application Packet, etc under the dental hygiene webpage at

1.All developmental coursework (math, reading and writing sequence; all pre-requisites for ENG 101, BIO 107, BIO 212 and CHE 105) with a grade of "C" or better

2.Completion of PRE 100, ENG 101, BIO 107, BIO 212, and CHE 105

3.Overall G.P.A. of 2.5 or greater

4.A grade of "C" or better must be achieved in all science courses. Science courses must be completed within five (5) years of admission to the Dental Hygiene Program.

5.For students having neither previous dental office employment nor vocational-technical exposure to the dental profession, documentation of 15 hours of shadowing in a dental practice/clinic/hospital setting is required. Shadowing hours can be distributed among several dental offices. Students are encouraged to observe a variety of office operations and procedures. Documentation form is available on the college website at http://www.bccc.eduunder the dental hygiene program webpage.

6.One of the following:

-- ACT (American College Testing Program) composite score of 18 or above.

-- SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) combined math/verbal score of 900 or above.

-- Completion of 30 non-clinical DH or DS program credits beyond the developmental level including the following: PRE 100, ENG 101, BIO 107, BIO 212 and CHE 105.

7.An interview must be scheduled with the Selective Admissions Counselor or a designate.

8.Computer Literacy is required prior to admission to the program through the testing center or college level course work. Computers are used throughout the dental hygiene clinical coursework.

9.Complete and submit the results of the health examination (form may be obtained on the Dental Hygiene webpage of the college website).

Upon acceptance into the Dental Hygiene Program, students:

·Are required to carry health insurance so long as they are in the program.

·Will incur expenses for books, tuition, uniforms, instruments and clinical materials, etc. as stated in the Dental Hygiene Student Handbook.

·Must maintain a minimum of "C" in each dental and dental related science course to progress through the course and semester sequence.

Ranking System for Admission to Dental Hygiene Program (Based on possible maximum score of 110 points.)

Ranking for entrance into the Fall Dental Hygiene class will be completed following mid semester of the preceding Spring session. Points will be allocated based on the following criteria.

1. Science G.P.A.: (Minimum of "C" required in each course)

3.8 – 4.00 37 points 3.0 – 3.19 21 points

3.6 – 3.79 33 points 2.8 – 2.99 17 points

3.4 – 3.59 29 points 2.6 – 2.79 13 points

3.2 – 3.39 25 points 2.5 – 2.59 9 points

2. Cumulative G.P.A.:

3.8 – 4.00 18 points 3.0 – 3.19 10 points

3.6 – 3.79 16 points 2.8 – 2.99 8 points

3.4 – 3.59 14 points 2.6 – 2.79 6 points

3.2 – 3.39 12 points 2.5 – 2.59 4 points

3. Completed Courses:

8 points will be granted for each of the following courses completed at BCCC.

5 points will be granted for transfer courses.

BIO 212 Microbiology

BIO 107 Allied Health Anatomy and Physiology

CHE 105 Biochemistry

3 points will be granted for each of the following courses completed at BCCC.

1 point will be granted for transfer courses.

ENG 101 English Composition

PRE 100 Preparation for Academic Achievement

DNT 200 Nutrition for Health Sciences

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology

MAT 107 Modern Elementary Statistics

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

SP 101 Fundamentals of Speech Communications

4. Ranked Application from Previous Year: 10 points

Any courses with D or F grades will not be accepted.

** BCCC reserves the right to modify the above regulations/requirements and point designations at anytime in the student’s enrollment. The outlined point system should not be deemed an irrevocable contract between Pre-Dental Hygiene Students and Baltimore City Community College.