No Show and Late Cancellation Policy

The Tutoring Centers rely on the punctuality and consistency of our customers in order to continue to provide critical resources.


Unfortunately, our ability to provide those services to students is sometimes hampered when students book appointments with our tutors and then do not arrive for their appointments without formally canceling. When students do not show up for their appointments, other students lose the benefit of scheduling an appointment.


As such, the Tutoring Centers have formally adopted policies concerning No Show violations and Late Cancellations. All students utilizing the services of the CAA agree to abide by these policies and agree to the consequences of policy violations.


No Show Policy & Late Cancellation Policy

To cancel an appointment, call the designated Tutoring Center. If no one answers, the Tutoring Centers are equipped with a voice message system; please leave your cancellation notice through this messaging system.


No Shows
Students with tutoring appointments have fifteen minutes to arrive for their intended appointment. If you do not arrive within 15 minutes of your appointment’s scheduled start time, you will be considered a No Show. Tutors are no longer obligated to meet with a student who arrives more than 15 minutes late for his/her session, but they may still choose to do so at their discretion.

Late Cancellations

Students are advised to cancel within 24 hours of their appointment’s schedule start time. However, the Center for Academic Achievement recognizes that sometimes advanced notice is not possible. Appointments cancelled within two hours of the appointment’s schedule start time (or within 15 minutes after the appointment has already started) are considered Late Cancellations.

In the event the student attempts to contact the Tutoring Center to cancel an appointment outside the Tutoring Center’s operating hours (or a Center Manager or other staff member is unavailable to cancel the appointment at the specified time), students are advised to leave a message on the CAA’s Main Office voice-mail system (410-462-8222). Students will not be unfairly penalized for unsuccessful cancellation attempts that may result due to internal communication errors or staffing discrepancies.

All No Show and Late Cancellation occurrences are reported through the Tutoring Centers’ appointment scheduling and data keeping system. The following outlines permissible actions when multiple No Show and/or Late Cancellations occur:
  1. A combination of three No Show and/or Late Cancellations within a semester or term period will result in a warning email from the Director of the Center for Academic Achievement. This email can only be sent to the student’s BCCC email account and cannot be emailed to personal email addresses, even if that email address is on file with the CAA.
  2. Any additional No Show and/or Late Cancellations will result in a temporary suspension of appointment-making privileges until the student meets with the Director to clarify the policy. Appointment-making privileges will be restored at the conclusion of the meeting/conversation to clarify the policy.
  3. Any subsequent No Show and/or Late Cancellations may result in a permanent revocation of appointment-making privileges. Appointment-making privileges will be restored at the beginning of the following semester.



If you need to change or cancel your appointment call 410-462-7649.




CAA Main Office: 410-462-8222