What is Robotics/Mechatronics? 

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded an Advanced Technological Education grant to Baltimore City Community College to develop a robotics/mechatronics technology program with the support from Morgan State University, Pace University at New York, Carnegie Mellon University, Community College at Baltimore County NSF TIME Center, Juxtopia LLC, and Lockheed Martin Corporation.

The BCCC Robotics/Mechatronics Technology Program trains students to be SUPER TECHNICIANS who are qualified to work as robotics, electronics, automation, manufacturing, and computer programming technicians.  BCCC robotics students also earn enough credits to transfer to Morgan State University to pursue a BS degree in Engineering with a concentration in Robotics or transfer to Capitol College to pursue a BS degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.


Scholarships are available for BCCC Robotics Technology students at BCCC, Morgan State University, and Capitol College.