Science Resource Learning Center (SRLC)

“A partner in your learning and success”


As a part of the Center for Academic Achievement, the mission of the Science Resource Learning Center is to provide learning assistance services to strengthen your science learning.  Our services are designed to assist you achieve academic excellence as well as to help you become a more independent learner.  The center is best known by students for the science tutoring program, but other services are provided too.


The services we provide include:

  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Study group tutoring
  • Course review sessions
  • Computer-based study resources (including the SRLC site on Blackboard)
  • Anatomical model, chemistry model, microscope and microbiology tutorial laboratories
  • Text book, poster and print medium study materials
  • Study areas with computers, tutors and study assistance available
  • Workshops on special student success topics
  • An inviting environment in which to learn and to be with others who want to learn
  • Support for learning in any science course, but especially in biology, anatomy & physiology, chemistry, earth/environmental science, and microbiology


We are in the Life Sciences Building (LSB), with check-in and assistance available in Room 302.  We also have access to study labs in LSB Rooms 301 and 303.


A staff of trained faculty, professional tutors, peer tutors and assistants provide the services.  Facilitation of their activity is provided by:


Science Resource Learning Center (SRLC)

Fall 2014 – Hours


Monday - Thursday             

9 am – 9 pm


9 am – 3pm


10am – 2pm


Most of the resources of the SRLC are available in LSB 302 during those hours, with the following exceptions:

  • Tutoring is available until 5 pm in LSB 302; after 5, it moves to MNB 104. The fall tutoring schedule is available elsewhere on this site.
  • Drop-in Study Groups may have room assignments elsewhere on campus; again, that information is posted elsewhere on this site.
  •  Keys to Success classes and Got Science? presentations are usually held in MNB 117H. Schedules for those programs also appear elsewhere on this site.

We welcome you to drop by and introduce yourself, ask for study assistance, talk about science and your career plans, make suggestions for program improvement, or sign-up to be a tutor yourself.  Or think about joining our Science Resource Center Student Advisory Board, a group of students who advocate for the Center and make suggestions for ongoing growth and improvement of services.  We welcome your company, your input and your investment in making the Center the best.  Science students and education is the stuff we live for!


Mr. José Luis Barata

Coordinator, Science Center, LSB Room 321

Center for Academic Achievement

410-462-8332 ▪