What new skills did you learn as a result of tutoring?


“Intermediate Algebra – Finally, I’m not scared of Math.  Thank you all!!!”


“Test taking strategies”


“Study skills”


“Applying information learned”


“How to breakdown questions and see what they are asking.”


“How to use critical thinking to study and pass exams.”


“Time management and how to stay on track.”


“Coping with stress and techniques.”


“I’ve learned a lot of skills, which has given me the opportunity to work independently.”


“I’ve been refreshed in my course of Math 91, so I can be ready to pass my finals at the end of the year.  Graphing is my best strength in the class.”


“Since I’ve been tutored, I have gotten better grades and more comfortable with doing the assignments with no problems.  I am more able to sit in class and pay attention to the instructor’s directions and follow along without becoming confused.”


“How to outline when writing a paper; this helped make my papers organized and flow.”


“Study, Study, Study!”


“Be confident.”