General Studies Transfer Program Outcomes

Students are expected to learn the following within the General Studies Transfer program:

  1. Arts and Humanities
    • Develop an aesthetic sensibility and the intellectual skills of critical analysis.
    • Form artistic judgments by exposure to the rich history and diversity of human knowledge and thought.
    • Understand the achievements of diverse cultures, as they are expressed in the arts, literature, religions, philosophy, languages, and linguistic properties.

  2. Social and Behavioral Sciences
    • Develop an understanding of the commonalities among world cultures and the influence of culture and the environment on individuals and groups.
    • Understand the complexities of social and psychological relations and human experiences, including how they have changed over time, through the systematic study of societies and human behaviors.
    • Utilize critical and ethical reasoning to respond to current events and issues.

  3. Mathematical and Scientific Reasoning
    • Analyze and evaluate information from scientific and mathematical perspectives, and develop reasoned solutions to real world problems.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the scientific method.
    • Gain competence in mathematical literacy and reasoning, along with critical thinking skills necessary for making informed judgments.

  4. Oral and Written Communication
    • Speak, read, and write effectively; access, evaluate, utilize, and organize information from a variety of sources.
    • Analyze and reflect on complex issues, as well as synthesize ideas in clearly written and well organized standard English.
    • Demonstrate the basic concepts and practices associated with oral presentations.

  5. Personal and Social Responsibility
    • Formulate a framework for ethical decision-making and personal responsibility through critical reflection on his/her own values, the values of others, and the values shaping society.