Physical Therapist Assistant

                                PTA Program Admissions Information

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Students seeking admission to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program will first need to apply to BCCC (if not already enrolled), and have their transcripts sent to the Admissions Office. There the official transcripts will be evaluated and Pre-requisite and General Education  courses required for admission to the PTA Program, will be transferred. A special application to the PTA Program is also required and is available online. An appointment with the Allied Health Special Admissions Counselor (SAC) is advised (information below) to establish eligibility.

The current admission criteria to qualify for entry into the PTA Program include:
GPA of 2.5 or better overall
GPA of 2.75 or better in pre-requisite courses
PRE 100 (Preparation for College Achievement) or exempt (15transfer credits)
BIO 107 (Anatomy and Physiology) or BIO 111 & 112 (Anatomy and Physiology I & II)
ENG 101 (English Writing)
PSY 101 (Introduction to Psychology)
MAT 107 (Statistics) or MAT 128 (Precalculus I: College Algebra)
Written verification of 30 hours (minimum) with a PT or PTA) observation/volunteer work in a physical therapy setting via the Admission's Recommendation Form and a 2 page Reflection Essay about your observation/volunteer work experience in a physical therapy setting must be submitted with your PTA application packet. Please see the PTA application packet for details.

Registration for, and attendance to, a PTA program information session is required for program eligibility!

application deadline is due by the last Friday in March prior to the upcoming Fall Semester.
The number of qualified students accepted for admission is based on the number of PTA faculty available to teach PTT 112 and PTT 120 for each fall semester. Each Fall semester, the program will accept 24 new students. Priority is given to qualified students who have the highest GPA and who have completed all other General Education courses (HLF, SOC 101, SP 101, PSY 104).

Selection Process
All applications are received by the Special Admissions Counselor in the Admissions Office and are reviewed by the Admissions Committee (SAC and PTA Faculty) shortly after the deadline. Applicants who meet all criteria are assigned points according to the following conditions (11 points maximum):
All pre-requisites completed satisfactorily+1
B in BIO 107 Anatomy and Physiology or+2
B in BIO 111 & 112 Anatomy and Physiology I & II+1 for each
GPA in pre-requisites 2.75 or 3.0 or 3.5 and more+1 or +2 or +3
GPA overall 2.5-2.99 or 3.0-3.49 or 3.5 and more+1 or +2 or +3
All additional Gen Ed completed+1
50 hours clinical Physical Therapy observation documented+1
Multiple consecutive D's or F's before a C-1
2 or more Gen Ed courses still not completed (excluding HLF)-2 (-3, etc.)
1 Gen. Ed not completed-1
Course substitutions or CLEP exams, (other than Computer Literacy)
will not be considered or accepted!

All applicants will receive an e-mail or letter indicating their qualification status (not qualified, qualified-accepted, qualified-on Waiting List). The top 24 candidates will be invited to an Orientation and Registration session in late May or early June. If all seats are not filled, an additional Orientation and Registration will be scheduled for additional qualified applicants (from the Waiting List).

For further information concerning admissions please contact:
Brittany Henderson
Allied Health Special Admissions Counselor
Admissions Office
Main #07

Note: Under Maryland law, the Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners may deny issuing a PTA license to any candidate who has been convicted of a felony or a crime of moral turpitude. Therefore it is strongly advised that such an applicant consider the possibility of being denied licensure if efforts to expunge a prior conviction are unsuccessful. The PTA program faculty has no authority regarding licensure.

Revised 09/16/14