Physical Therapist Assistant

Fact Sheet

The PTA program is a two-year 65-70-credit course of study.
Prerequisites comprise 14-19 credits that must be completed before entry.
11 credits of additional required courses can be taken before entry.
The remaining 40 credits (PTT) must be taken in sequence over two years.
Students must be accepted for entry into the Program and start in the fall.
Students graduate with an Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS).
Students combine academic study in PTA procedures, anatomy, kinesiology, and medical conditions with clinical education and practice.


Career Preparation
Program graduates are prepared for successful employment in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, extended care facilities, schools, and out-patient clinics.
Graduates must take a national exam to qualify for licensure.
They work under the supervision of licensed Physical Therapists.
They treat patients suffering from physical disabilities due to disease, injury, or post-surgery with the purpose of improving their function, strength, and mobility.
They implement the treatment plan using a variety of procedures, modalities, therapeutic exercises, functional training, and patient education.

Job Outlook
There is an increasing public awareness of the importance of rehabilitation and wellness and a demand for services.
More positions are opening up in hospitals, Extended Care Facilities, Home Health, Wellness Centers, and Private Practices as the general population needs more health care.
The variety of physical therapy settings continues to increase nationwide.
Job opportunities in the metropolitan area continue to increase.
Full-time, Part-time, week-end and PRN (as needed) positions are available.
Full time salaries for new graduates vary, but are currently start at ~ $45-50,000 per year.
Hospitals pay a little less than private clinics, but have better benefits.
Part-time and PRN hourly rates are ~$30 - 50 per hour

Selective Admissions Requirements
Pre-requisites for the Program (14-19 credits) and all transcripts from other institutions must be completed prior to admission for the fall semester.
Written verification of 30 hours observation/volunteer work in a physical therapy setting via the Admission's Recommendation Form and a 2 page Reflection Essay of ones observation/volunteer work in a physical therapy setting, must be submitted with the PTA application packet.
Interested students must submit applications to the Selective Admissions Counselor for the following fall admission: 410-462-8411.

Program Information
Allied Health Office

PTA Program Coordinator
James M. Dyett, Jr., PTA, LMT, M.Ed., PhD.

Revised 08/12/14