Physical Therapist Assistant

PTA Student Costs

Please check to make sure you have all the pre-requisites and all the underlined non-PTT courses (noted within the PTA Curriculum). We strongly advise everyone to complete the underlined courses before entering, though it is not required. We have found that students are unable to carry additional credits when they are taking PTT courses, because of the great deal of time and commitment required to succeed in the program.

Bag of Money

We will have an Orientation in late May/early June for all new students to complete a block registration and discuss additional information about the program. Be sure to contact our special admissions counselor Brittany Henderson in Main, Room #07 at 410-462-8411 or and meet with her so she can review your transcript to be sure you are eligible.

Approximate Program Cost 2013-14:
Here are the approximate costs if you are taking only PTT courses:

Tuition & Fees (In State)
Tuition & Fees (Out of State)
Additional Requirements
Fall I
~ $175
~$30 clinic shirt
Spring I
~ $50
Clinic travel, 6 days
Summer 1
2 credits
~ $25

Fall II
8 credits
~ $175
Clinic travel, 13 days
Spring II
14 credits
$1, 431

Expenses for clinic travel for 11 weeks

The last semester includes 11 weeks of full-time (40 hrs/wk) clinics

After graduation, application for state licensure and the national licensing exam ~ $600

For any additional General Education courses taken, the cost is $88 per credit ($225 out of state) plus a $12 per credit Consolidated Fee per semester, and a $20 Registration Fee per semester.

Revised 08/12/14