Allied Human Services

Fieldwork Forms & Information

Students enrolled in clinical courses are expected to participate in an internship while enrolled in that course. Each course description notes the number of fieldwork hours which have to be completed before a grade will be released for that course. In other words, regardless of how well you perform on classwork, you will be given an incomplete for the course until the student has completed the required number of hours. Students have up to six weeks after the end of the semester in which the course was taken to complete their field work hours. Because the completion and submission of fieldwork form is so crucial, it is recommended that students make a copy of all submitted forms.

List of AHS Field Sites
There is a seven page form (AHS Placement List.pdf) that list many sites which have hosted BCCC interns in the past. Please keep in mind that 1) things change in the field and there may be sites which no longer host interns, 2) you are not limited to sites which appear on this list (see separate fieldwork site page), 3) your fellow students will also be contacting sites on this list so you should not procrastinate in contacting sites.

Required Forms for All Students in Field
  1. Internship Checklist
  2. Placement Information Form & Internship Learning Agreement, Pages 1 & 2
  3. Memorandum of Agreement
  4. Student Journals & Logs
  5. Schedule of Attendance
  6. Clinical Fieldwork Evaluation Form - Supervisor
  7. Clinical Fieldwork Evaluation Form - Student
Additional Forms for Addiction Majors
In addition, these forms have to be completed by addictions majors:
Addictions AA: Addictions Affidavit
Addictions AB: Certification of Completion

There is also a Placement Form Checklist that can be used by both instructors and students to keep track of forms that have been completed and turned in to the instructor.