Articulation Agreements

Articulation Agreements

What is Articulation?

Articulation is the process of developing a formal, written agreement that identifies courses (or sequences of courses) of a "sending" campus that are comparable to, or acceptable in lieu of, specific course requirements at a "receiving" campus.

For High School students, "Articulation" is a process that enables students to make a smooth transition from high school to Baltimore City Community College without delay, duplication of courses or loss of semester credits with the student receiving credit for high school courses to apply solely towards a certificate or associates degree at Baltimore City Community College.

For Baltimore City Community College students "Articulation" is a process that enables students to make a smooth transition from Baltimore City Community College associate degree programs to a baccalaureate program. This means that Baltimore City Community College graduates will be accorded full junior standing at one of many articulating colleges and universities. Other options include online programs and international programs.

It is important to note that articulated courses are not to be construed as "equivalent" but rather as comparable to, or acceptable in lieu of each other. The content of the courses on the respective campuses is such that successful completion of the course on one campus assures the necessary background, instruction, and preparation to enable the student to progress to the next level of instruction at another college.

The course outline of record serves as the basis for most articulation, although the agreement can sometimes be obtained through faculty-to-faculty dialogue and submission of supplemental materials such as syllabi, student portfolios, and other documentation.

Access the Baltimore City Community College articulation program goals at here.

What Do Students Need to Know?

  • Learn what classes to take to meet both general education and major requirements at the intended transfer school.
  • Outline a transfer preparation plan by utilizing transfer resources such as the Articulation System (ARTSYS)*, college and university representatives, college catalogs, transfer focused workshops, and other college preparatory internet resources.
  • Describe the academic standards and requirements needed for acceptance into the college or university of your choice as described in your individual transfer preparation plans.

What is the University System of Maryland Articulation System?
ARTSYS is the University System of Maryland Articulation System that facilitates the "transfer of students from one institution of higher education to another." One of the components available in ARTSYS allows you to input transcript information from any Maryland community college, select a receiving institution and program of study, and receive an evaluation of how your Maryland community college credit could apply to the selected degree program. Although this is not an official evaluation, it can help you choose safe courses to take at another college until you are eligible for an official evaluation.

This powerful articulation system is now available online at ARTSYS. Once you have accessed ARTSYS, select Transcript Evaluations from the list of options, then type in your course information. That is all there is to evaluating your Maryland community college coursework.
Articulation Agreements School List
  • Ashford University: Articulation Agreement (download)
  • Capitol College: Articulation Agreement (download)
  • Excelsior College: Articulation Agreement (download)
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital: Articulation Agreement (download)
  • Virginia State University: Articulation Agreement (download)
  • Bais Yaakov School for Girls: Memorandum of Understanding (download)
  • Baltimore City Public Schools: Memorandum of Understanding (download)
  • Center for Creative Life and Learning: Memorandum of Understanding (download)
  • Civic Works/Operators of the REACH Partnership and Frederick Douglass High School: Memorandum of Understanding (download)
  • Stevenson University: Memorandum of Understanding (download)
  • Talmudical Academy: Memorandum of Understanding (download)