Fashion Design

Fashion Design Program Outcomes

Students are expected to learn the following within the Fashion Design program:

  1. Fashion Careers
    • Identify career options.
    • Explain how their fashion skills can be used in the fashion industry.

  2. Technical Fashion Design Skills
    • Implement the skills of design in the fashion design process.
    • Execute a product/concept which demonstrates elements of design (i.e., style, color, proportion, fabrication, etc).
    • Conduct market research from a design or retailing perspective, analyze the market information, and make an informed decision based upon the data.

  3. Fashion Industry
    • Analyze the ways in which social and psychological relations and human experiences have changed and influenced the fashion industry.
    • Use critical and ethical reasoning to explain how the fashion industry is impacted by current events.
    • Identify ethical issues that impact the fashion industry and identify possible responses.
    • Analyze design products for the influence of history, culture, and diversity.
    • Apply knowledge of world cultures to design products.

  4. Communication and Collaboration
    • Implement collaboration skills in the development of work.
    • Use current and relevant design and retailing software.
    • Speak, read, and write effectively and access, evaluate, utilize, and organize information from a variety of sources.