Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Baltimore City Community College is committed to providing equal employment opportunity to its faculty, staff, and job applicants through non-discrimination in its employment practices including, but not necessarily limited to, recruitment, hiring, training, promotional opportunities, compensation, discipline, and termination. 

It is the policy of Baltimore City Community College to prohibit discrimination against any person on the basis of race, ethnicity, creed, religion, sex, color, ancestry or national origin, age, political opinion, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, genetic information, occupation, source of income, gender identity or expression, physical appearance, familial status, or physical or mental disability of otherwise qualified individuals. 


To deter overt discrimination, Human Resources will help faculty and staff to become aware of and to recognize more covert and subtle forms of discrimination through educational programs and remove institutional barriers to equality.


All members of the college community are expected to abide by Non-Discrimination Policy #2017 and city, state and federal requirements.  Persons charged with a violation of this policy, if substantiated, may be subject to disciplinary action, including discharge, in addition to the penalties imposed under state and federal law.  


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Baltimore City Community College is an Equal Opportunity Employer