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Computer Literacy Test

Computer Literacy is the ability to use computer commands and functions to efficiently and effectively produce written documents and reports on microcomputers. A computer literate person should know the basic computer skills in Windows operating systems, word processing, spreadsheet, database management and for presentation graphics.
Who must meet the Computer Literacy Requirement:
Students who enrolled Fall 1994 or thereafter are required to pass a computer literacy test. This test will measure one’s knowledge in computer skills.
Re-entering students who have been absent two or more semesters (excluding summers) prior to Fall 1994 must also meet this new requirement.
All graduates of BCCC must meet the College’s computer literacy requirement in order to receive an Associate’s Degree or Certificate. Students can meet this requirement in three ways:
1. By enrolling in one of the majors listed below.
  • Accounting
  • Administrative Assistant 
  • Business Administration 
  • Computer-Aided Drafting and Design 
  • Computer Information Systems 
  • Computer Science
  • Fashion Design 
  • Health Information Technology 
  • PC Applications Specialist 
  • Word and Information Processing

2. By taking one of the computer courses listed below and passing the course with a “C”or better.
  • AT 202: Computer-Aided Pattern Design
  • BUAD 112: Computers for Business Management
    BUAD 112: Computers for Business Management
  • BCA 104: Introduction to Operating SystemsBCA 155: Word Processing for Business Applications
  • CADD 101: Introduction to CADD
  • CIS 109: Principles of Computer Information Systems
  • CLT 100: Computer Literacy
  • CSC 108: Programming in C
  • HIT 232: Computers Application in Healthcare
  • HIT 251 Healthcare Management and Supervision
  • OFAD 119: Word Processing Applications

By passing the College’s Computer Literacy Test with a grade of 70 %.

Computer Literacy skills may be achieved in a variety of ways, including independent study and formal college courses.

A student may become eligible to take the test when he/she has adequate knowledge of basic computer skills and have knowledge of Microsoft Word and its functions.

The word processing computer literacy exam consists of a rough draft of a report. This test measures the student’s ability to use the appropriate basic and advanced word processing functions, including editing and formatting changes on the hard copy draft.

It is essential that you know the proper way to perform these editing functions.

Bold Block indent Center
Text copy function Delete Underline
Hard page break Hard return Insert
Text Move FunctionPrinting Spell Check

Successfully passing the computer literacy test is not a substitute for taking and passing any of the listed courses. If any of the above listed courses is required for your major, then you must pass the course.

Testing Schedule:

The Computer Literacy test is scheduled Monday through Saturday in the Test Center, Main Building, Room 4B, Liberty Campus (410-462-7666). Students must bring the emailed copy of the schedule confirmation, a photo identification card, and a Student Inquiry Report to the Test Center on the day of the exam.

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