Office of Judicial Affairs

Office of Judicial Affairs

The Office of Judicial Affairs seeks to provide students with a learning experience that involves appropriate due process, provides accountability, self-governess, viability, respect, personal and institutional integrity, honesty, and citizenship in accordance with the goals of the college.

The Judicial Affairs staff will facilitate fair, ethical, and civil practices into the daily lives of students, through various methods of conflict resolution such as mediation, community conferencing, prevention programs, behavioral intervention teams (BIT), peer mediation, creative sanctioning, structured meetings, administrative hearings, grade grievances, along with maintaining and updating of the Student Code of Conduct.

What is an Ombudsman/Mediator?

BCCC Ombudsman/Mediators provide impartial and confidential consultation to credit & non-credit students, faculty & staff, related to a wide variety of student related issues. The staff placed in these positions will be required to remain independent, neutral, impartial, and exercise good judgment.
The Ombudsman/Mediator will conduct informal fact-finding hearings in order to better understand an issue from all perspectives. The Ombudsman/Mediator will consult with members of the BCCC community to develop cooperative strategies for conflict resolution at the lowest level deemed possible. If resolution is achievable, the Ombudsman/Mediator will deliberate with the Coordinator of Judicial Affairs to provide the necessary educational experience for the students involved. If resolution is not possible, a referral will be made to the Incident Management Advisory Committee (IMAC) for a formal hearing.

The Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct