Robotics Technology

Robotics / Mechatronics Technology

Liberty Campus
School of Business, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Business and Technology Department

Want to know what you will learn from this program? Here is the list of learning outcomes, and this same list is also available using the navigation menu sidebar. (Printable PDF file here.)

Robotics Technology Program (307)
The Robotics Technology Program trains students to be
robotics / automation / manufacturing/ electronics technicians who can program, troubleshoot, and repair robots in different applications. A robotics technician is a highly skilled person who works with industrial/manufacturing specialists in the rapidly expanding and dynamic industry of automated manufacturing. The robotics student receives extensive training in electronics, computer controls, data acquisition, mechanical controls, pneumatics, electrical power, motors, and hydraulics relative to industrial robots. The graduates of the Robotics Technology Program can also transfer to Morgan State University to pursue BS (Bachelor's of Science) degrees in Industrial Engineering.