Dental Hygiene

Tuition and Fees

Maryland Resident

Out of State/Intern'l Students
Consolidated Fee$12/credit$12/credit
Facilities Capital Fee$11/semester$11/semester
Registration Fee$20/semester$20/semester
Application Fee$10$10
Parking Fee$25/semester$25/semester
*In addition to the usual expenses dental hygiene students must purchase uniforms, books, instruments and supplies for the clinical portion of the program.
**All fees above are subject to change**

Additional Fees
(over 2 years):
**All cost/fees are subject to change**
Textbooks: $800
Cavitron Tips: $300
Instruments & Dentoforms: $1700
SmartPractice Kit and supplements: $175
Handpiece: $500
Uniforms & Lab Coat: $150
Student American Dental Hygiene Association Dues: $130 ($65/year)
National Board Exam: $300
Regional Board Exam (NERB): $1000
Maryland State Law Exam: $50
Dental Hygiene Pin: $40
6 passport pictures - Boards: $25
License Fee for MD State: $375
Graduation Fee: $30

Licensure Examination:
In order to practice dental hygiene, the graduate of the BCCC program must pass both a national and state/regional examination. It is at the discretion of the Dental Hygiene Full-time Faculty when a student will sit for any of the examinations. It is the responsibility of the student to make the necessary arrangements for taking these examinations and complying with all the requirements established by the examining agencies.
  • Dental Hygiene National Board
    Administered by the Joint Commission on National Dental Hygiene Examination of the American Dental Association. Applications are availabe from the Program Director.
  • Northeast Regional Board
    Administered in 15 states by NERB. Applications are available from the Program Director.

Examination Fees (approx.):
Dental Hygiene National Boards: $300
North East Regional Boards: $1000

The student will pay for all examination and application fees required to obtain dental hygiene licensure.