Computer-Aided Draft & Design

Computer Aided Drafting and Design Program Outcomes

Students are expected to learn the following within the Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) program:

The Design Process
  • Use CADD to prepare architectural and facility management drawings.
  • Produce civil and mechanical engineering drawings.
  • Illustrate the design and analysis of engineering structures.
CADD Drawing
  • Draw 2D and 3D objects using CADD.
  • Identify drawing tools necessary to construct designs with speed and accuracy.
  • Describe CADD terminology as it relates to engineering and architectural applications.
Communication Skills
  • Prepare research on CADD applications.
  • Produce technical reports for CADD projects.
  • Report research findings in class.
Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning
  • Solve CADD drawing exercises.
  • Define the theory and application of architecture.
  • Recognize CADD drawing and editing commands.
Problem Solving Skills
  • Prepare a project on a real-world design problem.
  • Distinguish drafting and design techniques.
  • Describe CADD model construction, editing, and display methods.