Construction Supervision

Construction Supervision Program Outcomes

Students are expected to learn the following within the Construction Supervision program:

1. Blueprint Skills

  • Read blueprints and use this knowledge in quantity take off and construction materials and methods.
2. Contracting
  • Use knowledge of construction contracts and documents necessary to serve as line supervisors on the construction site.
3. Job Site Management
  • Develop and use knowledge of construction schedules to execute construction projects.
  • Direct and manage productivity on a construction job site.
  • Use knowledge of relevant safety rules to manage employees to perform construction tasks safely.
  • Manage job performances on the job site based upon knowledge of construction methods.
  • Use leadership and supervisory abilities in both soft skills and technical skills in the supervision of subcontractors and employees on the job site.
4. Planning
  • Project construction costs based upon material quantities and cost estimates.
  • Select project materials appropriately based upon knowledge of available construction materials and their properties.